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The Association

On Thursday 11th November 1937 a group of like-minded men met at a house in Sir Hiltons Road, West Heath. They had come together to discuss the lack of social and recreational activities in the new West Heath estate. That night a decision was made to form the West Heath Residents Association. Meeting a fortnight later, it was proposed that the name be changed to the West Heath Community Association. Since then much has happened.

West Heath Community Association (WHCA) is a self governing, non-party political organisation, designed to serve the local neighbourhood and surrounding districts. The aims of the Association are to:-

  • Bring together people who live in an area

  • Bring organisations together who work in an area

  • Provide leisure time activities

  • Fill gaps in community provision

  • Provide a basis for an education in democratic practice

  • Management of a community centre

  • Provide a corporate voice for the community

We cater for people of all ages, from the youngest who attend the dance school or Stay & Play, to the older members of the community and every age group in between with our vast array of groups and activities. Situated on the outskirts of South Birmingham and within easy reach of both the City centre and the surrounding ‘green belt', we draw members from all walks of life and social status.

The future of our community depends largely on the way in which our young people grow up and how their attitudes to other people are developed. WHCA has a strong part to play in providing them with the necessary tools to learn the importance of team spirit, fair play, and bonding with each other. Many of our well organised groups offer youngsters the opportunity to start themselves on the road to becoming ideal citizens of the future.

‘Home’ for the Association is Hampstead House. Built as a large residential property, more than 100 years ago, it was once the home of Michael Cadbury. The building has since been extended in various stages with the addition of two function halls, each suitable for up to 140 people, that are ideal for children's parties, meetings and the more active groups such as Scouts, Brownies, dance, exercise and martial arts classes.

The shell of the building is the property and responsibility of Birmingham City Council, however the cost of the day to day running of the building, the internal repairs and all of the facilities within it, is the responsibility of the Association and, if we are to grow and move forward as planned, it is here that external funding will be required to improve, update and expand our current facilities.

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