The Centre Staff

Anita - Centre Manager and Company Secretary
Danielle - Finance Officer
Renee - Administrative Officer
Pete - Building Services
Kirstie - Party Building Services
Rosann - Building Services and Evergreen Cook

The Board

Mike Bennett - Director/Chair
Marie Henry -Director / Vice Chair
Anita - Director / Company Secretary
Mike Perry - Director / Treasurer
Janice Perry - Director
Barry Griffin - Director
John Gregory - Director

The Fundraising & Events team (FRET)

The Fundraising & Events team are members of the community who work together to plan and execute fundraising ideas and events for WHCC.  We believe everyone has something different to contribute which makes our team such a success. 

Take a look at our FRET Team Page or contact us to find out more.

"I love being part of the community centre and helping.  It has really changed my life and opened many new doors.  I have met some amazing people and it's so rewarding helping others and giving back to the community"


Its a great way to make new friends and learn new skills.  We have lots of opportunities you may be interested in.