July 2020

Covid 19 Update

We just want to let our community know that we haven’t disappeared or forgotten about you during this unprecedented pandemic crisis.

While activities have ceased, we have continued to clean and make repairs to Hampstead House, and are busy putting things in place to ensure that as some groups begin to return you will feel safe. A COVID Risk Assessment has been carried out and I am working with activity group leaders to see how/ where/ when some of our groups can return.

We all need to work together, be kind and understanding. Not all groups will be able to start up again for quite some time due to the nature of the activity, even though we know that you miss each other. Be assured that we will only agree to groups returning if they can do so safely and in line with government guidelines. I know that many of our groups have continued to support each other informally over the last few months, and this is testament to the wonderful community who use our centre.

Keep looking out for updates on our website and Face Book page, and do share your knowledge with anyone not on social media. If you are eager to return to your group, please get in touch with your activity leader.


Stay safe everyone!


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